Find New Solutions Through Stated Income Programs

A stated income commercial real estate loan gives borrowers new opportunities and freedom concerning their financial capabilities. With help from 26 Commercial Capital, you can get loan amounts as high as $500,000 depending on your real estate. We offer stated income programs for businesses both big and small.

We Include Real Estate of All Kinds

One of the biggest perks of our stated income resources is that we will consider the real estate of any industry. Offices, retail, self-storage, and warehouse properties receive a 65% loan-to-value while non-owner occupied real estate can receive up to 70% LTV. If you have a credit score of 700 or higher, you could receive up to 75% LTV for multifamily properties.

We Make it Simple for You

Traditional loans are known for taking a lot of time, paperwork, and qualification procedures. With an stated income loan, we cut out most of the documentation and focus on the real estate itself. We also don’t rely heavily on your credit score, as you have a qualifying score of 600 or higher. Here are a few more benefits:

  • Fixed rates
  • Up to 25-year loans
  • Great way to consolidate debt, refinance, or improve a property

A stated income real estate loan can be an option for you when traditional loans fail to support your needs. As long as the real estate you own can cover the mortgage, insurance, and additional taxes of the loan, you can use this type of financing to your advantage.

We Can Help You Start Today

There are many benefits of getting a stated income loan, and 26 Commercial Capital can help you reach that goal. If you thinking about getting a loan with us, contact our financial specialists today to begin the process. We can help you close in two to three