Find Answers and Solutions With an SBA Loan

Are you looking for a way to finance your growing company? We can offer you a small business loan for properties such as gas station, hotels, nonconforming properties, and much more. Our services have been approved by the Small Business Administration, which means we have the resources and funds for you to lend. Here are a few common questions about this type of financing and how one can benefit you.

What Is a Small Business Administration Loan?

An SBA loan gives financial support to a small business. The loan is partially guaranteed by the government, lowering the risk and giving you more opportunities to find funding. 26 Commercial Capital does look for certain criteria, such as the following indicators:

  • Your company’s cash flow
  • How finance is handled within the business

What Can You Finance With a Small Business Loan?

Once approved, you can choose to spend your funds in purchasing, refinancing, or building properties. You can also finance equipment with your loan. Whether you work with heavy equipment, office machinery, or medical equipment, you can finance any of your commercial assets. It’s up to you to decide how the loan can help your company.

What Can You Expect From This Type of Loan?

With financing up to 90% for the properties and equipment your company owns, you can count on reliable financing. We offer both fixed rates and variable rates based on which programs you choose to use. We do not have prepayment penalties, and we are prepared to offer you loans as high as $5 million. Along with these features, 25-year terms are flexible and come with full amortization.

When Can You Get Started?

If you are interested in applying of a small business loan, contact 26 Commercial Capital today. We can answer specific questions about this type of financing and our specialists can send you an application to get started. With our resources, your business can expand and grow.