Reach New Heights With Purchase Order Financing

If you’d like to expand your business without risking increased bank debt or you’d like to work with bigger clients, you may want to consider purchase order financing as a solution. 26 Commercial Capital works with businesses of all kinds to provide financing for purchase orders when companies don’t have the necessary funds to provide for themselves. With our resources, we can fill the gap between the supplier and the consumer.

How We Can Help

Here at 26 Commercial Capital, we have the funds and services that you need. We can help you meet fast deadlines and expand your consumer pool while maintaining cash flow. Along with letters of credit and projects that are a work in progress, we offer purchase financing in these areas:

  • Domestic production
  • Imports
  • Exports

We even work with companies that are startups or low on cash. We work mainly with wholesalers, distributors, resellers, and producers who need the money to pay for products that consumers order.

Get in Touch Today

If this type of financing can work for your company, consider contacting our professionals. We can answer any questions and help you find a personalized solution. Take the pressure off ordering products and focus on other parts of your business that can improve and grow.