Get the Money You Need With Less Hassle

If there’s anything you’ve learned during your time as a small business owner, it’s that you need a good, healthy cash flow to keep your venture afloat. This especially applies to businesses that are fresh to the market, are experiencing a growth spurt or that rely mostly on seasonal income. Getting a traditional loan from a bank is sometimes an impossibility, but alternative sources of financing such as the merchant cash advance are still here to ensure your business stays strong through every challenge you encounter on your road to success.

What is an MCA?

A merchant cash advance is a loan arrangement in which a business owner receives money up front, and instead of making monthly repayments, the loan amount is paid back via credit and debit card transactions. Each transaction made with a card in your place of business will have a small, predetermined percentage subtracted for paying back the loan. There are a wide range of benefits to this arrangement.

  • Effortless payback
  • No collateral required
  • Works with imperfect credit scores
  • Money can be spent however deemed necessary
  • Faster access to granted funds

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