Financing Options For Your Healthcare Practice

Finance your practice in the field of healthcare with a working capital loan. 26 Commercial Capital offers a range of options for financing your business, including practice acquisition loans, debt consolidation, equipment financing and improvement loans.

Why You Should Choose A Working Capital Loan

Get the healthcare financing to keep your practice running more smoothly. With our financing options, you can get your healthcare company through difficult times while maintaining ownership and continuing to guide the business according to your vision. Some of the reasons to use this type of financing include:

  • Loans will not affect your personal credit
  • Can help consolidate debt or help with business expansion
  • Does not require payment upfront

Keep Your Business Operational

These methods of financing can make it much easier to bring your business to its full potential. For example, we offer several payment plans for leasing vital medical equipment, and can include loans along with leases. Acquire, buy out or merge with another practice with the help of our financing opportunities. If you simplify your finances by consolidating your debt, you get the benefit of a lower monthly payment with only one interest rate for easier repayment.

Use one of the many options at 26 Commercial Capital to help fund pursuits for your healthcare practice. Contact us today to start your application.