Equipment Financing for Any Business

Business revolves around equipment. Computers, printers, and even tractors can be a vital part of your company, which is why 26 Commercial Capital offers equipment financing for all types of businesses. Whether you work with computers or construction equipment, we offer many funding programs that can help you. This versatile list of funding options consists of these programs:

  • Government and municipal leasing
  • B, C, and D credit financing
  • Sale & Lease Back programs
  • Startup programs

Depending on your business, you can find a program that can best help you. Startup programs are mostly tailored to new or recently established businesses while government leasing programs apply only to government and municipal entities such as armed services, public schools, and police departments.

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

Finding the money for important pieces of equipment can be straining, but we can help. Working with us by using our leasing program can give you the ability to use your equipment without spending huge amounts on technology or gear. With low monthly payments and fixed rates, you can use vital commercial equipment while still having cash on hand for other uses. This can also free up your company’s credit lines. A few other benefits include the following:

  • A wide range of payment structures
  • No financial statement required for equipment financing less than $150,000
  • Tax and accounting advantages

Application approval is also fast and simple. Most applications are accepted within 24 hours, while larger projects and financing applications take three to five business days. Our interest rates are also affordable for businesses of all sizes. A down payment is not required for most equipment.

Learn More Today

26 Commercial Capital is willing and able to finance any of your commercial equipment so that you can focus on other aspects of business. If this type of financing is beneficial to your company, contact us. Our specialists can answer questions and help you begin the application process.