Create Flexibility With Consumer Financing

Consumer finance is a great way for businesses of any size to offer flexible payment options to customers. A credit card program can help you build brand awareness while encouraging repeat business. If managed correctly, consumer financing can even assist with growing your customer base.

Give a Boost to Your Business

Setting up a credit card program can be simple with the help of 26 Commercial Capital. You can experience a range of benefits, including the following:

  • Consistent credit approval
  • Fast program enactment
  • Collection of bad debt
  • E-signature
  • Thorough training solutions
  • Strong credit limits

We can handle the heavy-lifting of application processing while you focus on building your business. In fact, we’re proud to offer support throughout our partnership by providing excellent service you can count on.

Provide Benefits to Your Customers

Adding consumer financing can make a real difference to customers by offering advantages such as these:

  • Convenience of an easy, quick application process
  • Flexibility of payments over time
  • Access to a revolving line of credit

Providing reliable financing can build customer loyalty and tie your name to dependability and great service.

Get Started Today

Contact 26 Commercial Capital to learn more about our consumer financing options. Our experts are ready to help you add this service to your company’s repertoire.